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“Birds & lofts” workshop was founded in 2014 by architect Myrsini Maneta and creates objects inspired by architecture, the city and it's history. Using several illustrating techniques and involving the element of light, she creates images that aim to excite the viewer's memories or imagination. “Birds & lofts”'s light boxes and small artworks are available in art shops in Greece and abroad, including the Benaki Museum shop.

Myrsini Maneta was born in Patras, 1984. She studied Architecture at National Technical University and currently lives in Athens, where she has been working as a designer on both small and larger scale, from interior architecture and stage design to illustration and crafts.

As an illustrator, she has worked for Crete University Press, and the municipality of Kallithea. Since 2015 she has been working as a stage designer for Seveneleven Theater Company.

She has participated group exhibitions, including the workshop about italo Calvino' s “Invisible Cities”, curated by the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media of National and Kapodistrian University at the Italian Institute of Athens on October 2015 as well as the International Arts Festival: “Back to Athens 4”, on June 2016.

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